How are you able to make this service completely free?
We can offer free Servers because we limit them in slots and storage space. Bought Premium features therefore enables benefits like more ram, more storage, unlimited slots and better connection. We are constantly working on cool features to add – Missing a feature? Tell us! We appreciate your help!
Why do I need to fill in my Factorio Username and Token?
Your Factorio name and Token is used for the Authentication on the official public Server-list to publish your server on this public game list, it although indicates your administration rights to the server once you lose the permissions we can restore that. See
Where can I find my Username and Token?
Its located in the player-data.json file. On Windows, you can easy open that file with your editor with this command (Hit the Windows key + R):

The important line looks like this:
"service-username": "Accname", "service-token": "3dbsomerandomnumbersandletters"
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How to upload Mods/Savegames
Upload the Mods from your own Computer. Select the mods to upload and hit “upload” inside the detail page of the server.
Be aware: you can only add up to 10 mods per upload cycle. If you want to upload more, do another upload cycle. Check your Logs if any errors occuring after server start.

See questions of other users:
How to update the Server version
Stop the Server and go to its Detail Page, go to Settings and click on the Server version you like.
Please remind: New updates take a few hours to get activated. It’s because we experienced issues with blindly trusting 3rd party software.
The Server seems online in the web interface, but I can't connect. What do I do?
There might be an Error. On the detail Page is a LOG Tab which shows the current Logfile of your server. Most of the time, you can easily discover the Problem in that tab and probably fix it yourself. Read it carefully a Mod might be the issue or the Savegame is broken or a higher version then the Server. If you still cannot find the error, create a Ticket we can figure it out together.
How can I select a Game Mode or Scenario (Rail World, PvP etc..)
Just generate a Savegame with your Factorio Client and upload it to the Server. Since there are so many possible configurations it's much easier to see the changes inside the game.
How to register another Server?
You can easily remove your old server by deleting it but if you want a second server, you need to buy this as a premium feature. Free Tier limits one Server per User.
I Cannot delete Mods!?
Uploaded Mods are only supported in ZIP format. If you face any problems, please write a Ticket.
Will the performance of my server change if paid for?
Yes. You can subscribe for 9,99$ or more, your server will be moved to one if our Premium Servers. Please note, this takes manual interaction of the Admins. You can write a Ticket, with payment details, to speed up this process
High latency on my server
Sadly, you bursted our limits for free Servers already – that’s amazing to see but lag free gaming is only on premium servers ensured. We apologize, but at the moment, there is nothing we can do about it. Our Servers are running at the very limit. Any donation helps to grow our free service.
How can I delete my Account
Go to the Account Page (upper right, right beside the language settings) and hit “Delete Account”. All your data will be deleted – including all previously bought premium features!
Will there be new Features in the Future
Our Team works daily on interesting features, like the new Discord Chat bot, to improve this Service for you. Currently I-Craft plans to work with Factorio Streamers to deliver some sweet content on the website to you.
How can I support this Service / Why not use a Patreon website
You can help us in different ways. The most simple one is spread out your word what we do here. If you are a Streamer or Blogger. Some credits in a comment helps our Motivation. Donate as much as you like, one time or on a regular basis. Donations are only used to pay server rents or develop a new features faster. Monthly donations help us to plan stuff in the future like Training, Licences, fees and Personal costs. THANK YOU!